Vidste du...

at der i midten af Ribe ligger en af Danmarks bedste bagere, og at det tager under to minutter at hente frisk brød hjem til Retes hus.



The west of the Jutland offers many sights, excursion possibilities and experiences. Ribe, which is the oldest town in Denmark, founded in the beginning of the 1700, is worth a visit.

The town is not only known for being the oldest town in Denmark, but also for being one of the best preserved towns form the Middle Ages with its characteristic houses and stories and a specific atmosphere. Furthermore the town is known for the stork that you with a bit luck can see in the nest on top of the old City Hall.

In Ribe you can go shopping in the many different stores, see monuments and places like the Cathedral, the Museum of the Vikings, the Art Museum, the old City Hall, the Sct. Catharinæ Church, the marshland, the tidal area and the island of Mandø.